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Private Practice Series: Part 1

  • The Bravo Institute 24 Vardry Street, Suite 307 Greenville United States (map)

3 CEU $50

Part 1:

What’s in a Name?

Naming the practice is almost like getting a tattoo. It can be painful and daunting. And it can be something that sticks with you for life. We will talk about pointers for getting started with that name and making it a good one.

Zero to one client in 7 days – exactly how ling does it take to open a practice? We will discuss the amount of time it may take to get a practice going.

Do I need an LLC if starting a counseling practice?

We will discuss the ins and outs of whether an LLC is the best option for you.

How to Delegate a task: 9 important tasks

Delegation is one of the most important skills for a business owner to master. If it is done well, it will help you get through each day more efficiently. We will discuss 9 steps to get you there.

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