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Bumps on the Road of Life $40

  • The Bravo Institute 24 Vardry Street, Suite 307 Greenville, SC 29601 USA (map)

Our experience working with students and professionals in training and research suggests the necessity of re-examining the issues affecting older adults. This population, defined for the purposes of this presentation as individuals age 65 and older, is quickly increasing in number and will need our services in multiple ways, including assisting them in adapting to the natural changes associated with the aging process, encouraging them to embrace activities that increase wellness and vibrancy, and reducing the myths associated with this developmental stage. This is underscored by the misconception that sadness must accompany aging. Research revealed insights quite contrary to commonly held beliefs. Recent epidemiological studies have found that adults ages 40-59 exhibit higher rates of depression than do older adults. Subsequently, older adults develop a sense of integrity and achieve a level of happiness and life satisfaction that in some cases surpasses the happiness of their younger counterparts. In this interactive workshop, we will learn ways to dispel the myths associated with aging, advocate for the needs of older adults and help this population thrive and maintain a sense of life satisfaction and achievement as they go through the multiple changes associated with reaching the last stages of adulthood.

Objectives - upon completion, participants should be able to:

1.      List at least three myths associated with the aging proves.

2.      List at least two ways to use a strength-based approach in counseling an older adult.

3.      List at least three ways to used other evidence-based interventions for older adults.

4.      List at least two coping mechanisms for older adults.

5.      List at least two steps in the ‘life review’.

3 hours CE credit for LPC, LPC-S, LMFT, LMTF-S and contact hours for social workers. Certificates will be awarded via email or at the end of the workshop. Payment may be made via PayPal - Square is available at the workshop for card swipes as well. 

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