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History of the Madhouse: How Far Have We Really Come? $40

  • The Bravo Institute 24 Vardry Street, Suite 307 Greenville, SC 29601 USA (map)

From frontal lobotomies to care in the community - this workshop will be an informative one regarding the history of the psychiatric hospital system both in the United States and abroad. It will be an interactive one to include information from documentary vignettes. There will be a comparison between the rational for the hospitalization of women versus men throughout the years. Also included is the treatment of those with cognitive disabilities, and the changes that have been made through the American with Disabilities Act because of the documentation of this treatment. Please be prepared for some disturbing images. This workshop will serve as an avenue to view the psychiatric hospital system from different perspectives and learn possible red flags when dealing the with psychiatric hospital systems of modern times.

Objectives:      Upon completion, the participant should be able to:

1.      Demonstrate an increased knowledge of the psychiatric system from a historical perspective.

2.      Demonstrate an increased knowledge of the psychological hospital system changes through the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

3.      Engage in discussions of a broader range of viewpoints regarding the topic.

4.      Show an improved perspective of the treatment of men versus women throughout the years in relation to the psychological hospital system.

5.      Recognize discrepancies in the system when dealing with them one-on-one, from the safety of the patient perspective.

3 hours CE credit for LPC, LPC-S, LMFT, LMTF-S and contact hours for social workers. Certificates will be awarded via email or at the end of the workshop. Payment may be made via PayPal - Square is available at the workshop for card swipes as well. 

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