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Private Practice Series: Part 8

  • The Bravo Institute 24 Vardry Street, Suite 307 Greenville United States (map)

3 CEU $50

Warning: your employees are quitting! Are you ready?

We will discuss the anticipation of turnover, cross- training and being able/willing to call for back-when necessary.

Plan for things not to go as planned

New entrepreneurs often have a steep learning curve and a mountain of tasks to complete – especially when they are building a group practice. It’s also scary – investment of money, blood, sweat and tears are at risk.  And even though others have succeeded, they aren’t sure they will We will discuss what to do when things don’t go as planned – as they rarely do.

If you hate networking and marketing, try colliding instead (and marketing for 2019)

One paradox of counseling is that for all the time we spend communicating with clients in session, many of us by nature are more introspective and introverts. This helps us in our work, however, can handicap us in marketing and networking. We will talk about colliding instead of networking – some to the workshop to find out what that means!

6 places where counselors should spend money to make money

For many of us, finding success in private counseling practice involves working with a shoestring budget and making up for lack of capital with a lot of sweat equity. Although this approach often works, there are some areas where under-spending can hurt the practice in the long run. We will work through those 6 places.

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