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$250/hour — Initial Assessment

$200/hour  - Counseling Services to include, but are not limited to:  symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress management. Counseling sessions may occur live or virtually - simply state your preference during the initial meeting.


$200/hour— In the words of Michael Neill: "Coaching helps people go from fear to confidence, from unease to comfort, from inaction to action."  When a mental health diagnosis is not needed/required, and one is willing to do the work, coaching is a viable option.


Employee Assistant Plans, available through various companies, are  provided to their employees as a part of their benefit/insurance package. Method used are/offered are Solution-Focused Brief Therapy services. Plans may include 1, 3, 5, 6, or 8 sessions for the employee and/or their family member to receive care for such issues as marital relationship issues, stress management, life transition concerns, workplace stress, grief and loss, wellness care strategies, caregiver stress, and many other areas. EAP service providers determine also if there is need for clinical counseling and/or psychological services when the EAP model may not be appropriate for care.   


Clinical Supervision

Individual: $50/hour    

Individual Supervision can be scheduled throughout the week and on the weekend before or after Group Supervision. I work around the associate's schedule and will schedule evening hours as needed.  Individual Supervision may be shared with a partner - cost is full-fee for the first hour and split fees for each hour that follows (at least 2 hours are required).

Group Supervision:  $25/hour     

Group Supervision takes place throughout the week in the evenings, Friday afternoon and Saturdays as scheduled. As per new regulations, 60 hours of group supervision is allowed. These groups fill up quickly so don't wait until the last minute to sign up.

Virtual Supervision: $50/hour     

Individual Supervision is also offered through a virtual medium that is secure.  25% of the required 120 may now be distance/virtual (that equates to 30 hours.). 

Payment may be made for virtual supervision through PayPal using email:

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Presentations and Workshops

$100/hour        Camilla Bravo has years of experience  presenting on a wide variety of topics specific to the field of counseling, leadership and positive empowerment. Her presentations have been described as fun, zany and definitely thought provoking. She is also available for motivational speaking in the areas of (but not limited to) leadership. overcoming and rising above obstacles (or bumps in the road)and improving overall productivity (personally and professionally).